Father's Day BBQ Caddies Available To Pre-Order Now

About Parlour

Parlour specialises in finish at home food boxes filled with festive treats and delicious, comforting and homely food with some of Matt’s signature flavours and twists. Also on offer are a selection of wine & cocktails handpicked by the Parlour Team to be the perfect pairing for your meal.

Great care has been taken to ensure all of Parlour's packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. We use Woolcool's 100% wool packaging to ensure all our boxes arrive perfectly chilled and have taken steps to ensure the rest of our packaging is as sustainable as possible; using only recyclable and biodegradable products. 

If you are able to return your Woolcool packaging to us to be reused we will give you a 5% discount code for your next order. All returned packaging will be inspected and completely sanitised to ensure they are safe for reuse. 

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us on our social media pages or by email: sales@parlour.restaurant.